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Another theory points to chemical changes. Chemicals called neurotransmitters shuttle back and forth between neurons at nerve termination, enabling the neurons to communicate. Changes in the level of these neurotransmitters may be partly responsible for the memory loss associated with age. Experiments have supported this hypothesis. Researchers were able to induce in 25 year olds the types of memory repair protocol lapses often experienced by 65 years old by giving the younger people drugs that inhibit the action of cholinergic compounds, a class of neurotransmitters that are important for memory. When the drugs wore off, their memories returned to normal.

Some prescription drugs that many older people take can have a similar deleterious effect. Here, the solution is straight forward: change the patient's drug regimen.
Scientists reason that if chemical changes in the brain contribute to memory loss, then chemicals, in the form of drugs, may be able to counteract it. More than 20 drugs for improving memory repair protocol review are now available in Europe, but they have not been tested under America's rigorous standards. Only one drug, Hydergine, has so far been approved in the United States.

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