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How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love Review 

Romantic getaways are the stuff of cheap romance novels, promising passion, desire, and an over-abundance of muscles from the protagonist. Either way, these types of quick trips out-of-town can be tough on the person that just isn't a romantic person at all. Sure, they love their partner, but they just aren't the most suave person in the world.


So, once again, your and your significant other are getting set for another major chore --- choosing your date night movie. It is unfortunate that such an incredibly unwelcome feeling can come over a couple performing such a mundane task as picking a movie to watch. After all, wasn't the idea of a date night a way for couples to make sure to spend time with each other in the midst of our "go-go" world? Choosing a movie to watch should be an adventure and not a nuisance.
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