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Forex trading companies likes you to earn money from the forex market. If there are no favorable returns from forex trades, you can be sure there will come a time when only a few people will be investing in it. And that's a waste of good opportunity to earn money easy. They have come up with automated trading software to allow people invest in and earn money from the forex market while keeping busy with their day jobs. Unfortunately, not many end up happily on their way to the bank.
Currency movements are often difficult to predict even with the use of the most sophisticated trading software, though it could be mastered, of course. You just need to have all the basics of the forex market fully internalized, so all of your trades have excellent earning possibilities. Another problem that can prevent you from earning more is that you may not be around when a good trading situation arises. Remember that the forex market never sleeps while you need to get some. You are after all just human.
Forex companies not wanting you to miss opportunities like that have come up with new software which evaluates market conditions and based on your established trade parameters instantly alerts you on the existence of good trading situation. These alerts are called forex signals.

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